I Let My Hair Get in the Way of My Confidence

Ever since I was 12-years-old, I struggled with the way I felt about my hair. It was bigger, frizzier and wavier than my friends’ and sisters’. Hair serums and flat irons became my best pals. I remember scrubbing my scalp hard, sometimes twice a day, with straightening shampoos and conditioners in attempts to smooth out my crazy locks.

In 2018, I let my hair get to the best of me. I chopped it off into a bob. It was cute for a minute, but my brain quickly replaced my self-esteem with self-doubt.

To me, wearing my hair short all the time meant I had to constantly straighten it. When I didn’t have the time to, I was left with my natural jumble of frizz that I couldn’t hide with a hair tie because it was too short. 2018 was already a mess with other things going on, and my hair battle helped push my confidence level down to a dangerous low.

The day I had these pictures taken, I joked to my boyfriend that it was his fault I didn’t have any new pictures on hand. NOPE, I was the one to blame and I knew it. I’d shy away from the camera because I’d be so conscious of how my hair looked.

What about now? I’m still in a deep love-hate relationship with my wild mane, but if I’m ever frustrated while styling it or can’t stand the way it looks in the mirror, I try to train my brain into realizing that if my hair is out of control, that doesn’t mean my confidence needs to be.

I think about the positives: My hair is unique. My hair is different. My hair has body and texture that some women want. My hair isn’t basic! 😂

So guys, if there’s something about your body that you don’t like, please think about why it’s cooler to not look like everyone else. I mean, it’s 2019 – it’s way trendier to stand out!

Also, if you struggle with short or thick hair or both, I have a video below showing you a few ways on how to style it without heat.

Hope you have a lovely Monday!

2 Replies to “I Let My Hair Get in the Way of My Confidence”

  1. I wish I had that confidence back in middle school, I was made fun of when trying to highlight the tips of my hair cause NSYNC was so cool x_x it’s only during college that I realize what you just said, I’m unique, my hair isn’t basic haha. Anyways keep up the good work, this read was definitely worth the time.

    1. Ah, my boys NSYNC! 🔥it sucks that we don’t realize these things til later, because I feel like middle school/teenage years are when we need that confidence most. thanks so much for your comment & have a lovely day ❤️

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