Why I Still Keep a Wall Calendar

Don’t get me wrong – Outlook and Google calendars save my butt when it comes to desksides and staff meetings, but having a physical agenda to refer to each day pushes me to be more productive. Here’s why:

Understanding the value of each day

Maybe it’s the size of each calendar square that SCARES me. But it’s a good kind of scare, the kind that motivates me. Each square is a gentle reminder that time is limited, so it’s important I spend each day doing something – any one thing – that keeps me moving forward.

Actually getting things done

I’ve noticed that I’m much more likely to complete a task only after I’ve physically written it down. Sounds silly, but when things are down on paper, they seem much more official than an idea that just lives in your head.

The satisfaction of crossing things off

Why do people even write lists in the first place? So they can cross everything off later! The relief from drawing a line over a task is indescribably therapeutic. It’s definitely a feeling I wouldn’t be able to get from hitting the Backspace button on my phone.

Instant mood booster

Bonus: The pictures! Pick a calendar that speaks to YOU. Perhaps you have an unhealthy obsession for cute kittens or lose your mind over every image of Shawn Mendes you come across. With wall calendars, starting a new month means having a new image to open up to. I’m a little in love with this Girl Boss calendar from TF Publishing, which I got from barnesandnoble.com. It comes with inspiring quotes that drive me to slay every day. I mean did you see the “get it girl” quote on the cover? 😍

By the way, I sort of popped up out of nowhere after two years of ghosting. I’ve neglected this page and I want to come back and see if it will give me another chance. So welcome to my site, new visitors and old!

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