Trying Out This Minimalist Thing



My mom always advised me to choose my outfit the night before to save time in the morning.

True words of wisdom.

These days, however, when I get home each night at 7 p.m. and want nothing to do but eat and shower before going to bed, I won’t always have the willpower to follow Mom’s advice.

One goal of mine for the new year was to clean out my closet… AND finally make an effort to explore the minimalist approach.

What moved me to want to venture into minimalism? My closet’s a constant mess, thus making each outfit-picking session unnecessarily stressful and overwhelming. Plus, minimalism is what everyone’s talking about these days on the biggest blogs, magazines, and even Snapchat.  Hellooooo, got to get with the trends.


Featured above is some pretty exclusive content. I’m almost regretting exposing what my closet looks like in this status.


Step 1. Sort by color.


If your closet’s as cluttered as mine, the easiest way to begin is to arrange pieces by color. It’s the first step of reintroducing yourself to pieces you might’ve forgotten, plus it makes choosing outfits much easier later on. You can also organize by texture.

Step 2. Trash the already neglected.


Once you rediscover the pieces you’ve forgotten, ask yourself: “Did I forget about this for a reason?” This orange blazer was never really precious to me, and I’d forgotten why I had it in the first place. Grab a trash bag and start tossing. (But don’t actually toss in the trash! Trade clothes in for a few bucks at a thrift shop or donate to charity).

Step 3. Let go of the memories.

bf.jpg Prom dress still hanging in the back of your closet? Do you still have your ex-boyfriend’s crew neck? LET GO. Why let that gorgeous dress sit looking pretty in the closet when there’s a girl out there who can’t afford to buy a nice one for her own prom? And stop associating memories with memorabilia. Still can’t let go? Upload and store pictures on Facebook — there’s more digital space then there is closet space.

Step 4.  Revert your hangers so your clothes are hanging backwards.


Now that your clothes are sorted out, it’s time to begin the minimalist experiment. Give yourself a time frame -I’m giving myself one month.

After wearing an article of clothing, place the hanger back on the rack the normal way (same direction as a question mark.) At the end of the month, you’ll be able to see which clothes you actually use and which clothes you neglect.

This will be the start of my own minimalist wardrobe! I’m super excited, and if you’re suffering from a cluttered closet, you should join me and try it out yourself.

I’ll update you guys in a month or so. Have any of you guys tried this method? Any minimalist tips you have to share?

Feel free to stay connected with me! I actually just posted a 25 Facts About Me on my Youtube page. Check it out!

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Have a fabulous rest of the day!

Much love,



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