A Beauty & Lifestyle Checklist for the New Year


[photo credit: my very good photographer friend Julian, or @champagnejoonja on IG]

Beauty & Lifestyle Checklist for 2017:

  • teeth whitening! (extra exciting because I haven’t done this in a while)
  • get a haircut… and maybe finally fix my hair color?
  • clean makeup brushes and sponges
  • throw out expired, broken, or unused makeup
  • update skin care products and regimen
  • groom eyebrows
  • change bed linens and pillowcases into clean sheets
  • clean room
  • clean closet (and finally try the minimalist approach with clothes)
  • e x e r c i s e. . . ?

These are just a few of the (superficial) steps I want to take to help get me started with the new year. I have other, broader goals in mind that probably have nothing to do with the items on this checklist, but completing some of these tasks would be a great start.

I’ve been aching to pause and just reflect upon the past year – whether it be through a blog post or video, or both. I think it’s important every year to think back on what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve experienced, and what kind of person you were in the past 365 days. I think recognizing who and what you were in the past year helps you to achieve even greater goals for the next.

We’ll touch back upon that soon. In the meantime, what’s on your guys’ New Year’s checklists? Let me know!

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Much love,



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