Iron Curling 101 – Get the Best of your Curls

Since I have thick hair and lots of it, one of my go-to styles for everyday is curly hair. Using a curling iron is fast, super easy, and allows for a variety of different looks. The only downside I face when I curl my hair is how tired my arms get after the 25 minute process – it’s quite an arm workout! But it’s so worth it.


I wouldn’t call myself a hair curling pro, but here’s some general tips I’ve learned through years of iron curling:

  • Let the iron heat all the way. Sounds like common sense, but if you don’t wait until the iron reaches your set temperature, you’ll end up with curls of different shapes and some curls will fall out faster than others.
  • Curling your waves in one direction creates a cleaner look, but be careful. The curls tend to collect into one larger curl. (A finger run-through helps)
  • Curling your waves in alternating directions creates a fuller hair effect, but if you don’t dig the messy waves, don’t go for it.
  • If you like loose waves, don’t run the iron all the way up to the scalp. Stop halfway, at ear-level.
  • If you like tighter, spiral waves, go for a curling iron with a clamp or a small, clipless iron.
  • It’s okay to brush your hair out after it’s curled.It relaxes the curl gently, and I find it gives the hair more body.
  • Take your time and grab smaller sections.  When it comes to curled hair, you can tell when the process was rushed. For the bottom layer of your hair however, don’t be afraid to grab larger sections. Cool it down a little!
  • If you have already wavy/curly hair but want smoother waves, I like to straighten my hair first. Double the work, yes, but it creates a much smoother and less frizzy effect.

Happy curling!

Much love,


P.S. Check out my newest video (on hair curling) here!

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