SNEAK PEEK |’Yes To’2017 -New Goodies


Walking into the ‘Yes To’ launch release this week was walking into a room of clouds… literally.

Well, there were cloud props hanging from the ceiling, and an enlarged version of the ‘Yes To’ logo was stamped proudly on the wall – each letter white and puffy as snow.

Exciting things are coming to the brand in February 2017, so be sure to keep an eye out at Ulta stores, Ulta online, and drugstores.

I don’t want to give all the secrets away, but ‘Yes to’ is coming out with new products to old collections as well as full on new collections. Hint for one of the collections: What’s white and puffy like clouds and is good for your skin?


‘Yes To’ is going all out and providing you with everything you need for every step in your skincare routine (face wash, wipes, masks, and more…..)

One really cool thing they’re doing with this new collection is combining product with tool. What do I mean by that? Think innovation, multi-purpose, hands-free…. whoops! Don’t want to give too much away!

Pictured are 2-step eye and face treatments that are being added to existing and new collections coming out. I’m super excited for these in particular because I’ve been OBSESSED with face masks lately. December is the month of stress, for me at least, and it shows clearly in my skin. I’ve been applying one mask at least once a week this past month.

That’s all for now! You’ll have to wait ’til February to see the rest. Have a wonderful and cozy Sunday night!

Much love,



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