Castor Oil for Long Lashes? | DAY 1


Today marks the start of a special experiment I’ve been meaning to try:

Does castor oil really help your eyelashes grow?

It’s been rumored around the internet for some time now that this particular oil is the solution for wanted hair growth. What’s significant about this hypothesis is the fact that you’d be growing your lashes (or eyebrows/actual hair/beard) naturally, and for cheap!

Should the outcome of this experiment turn out successful, I could finally turn my back on lash “enhancing” serums that do nothing but take $50 out of my pocket. It’s only day one, however, so let’s wait a bit and see!


After cleansing, I dipped a Q-tip in the castor oil and began to paint the baseline of where the eyelid meets the lashes. I then took a spoolie to comb the excess product out onto my lashes.

I also applied a little oil to the very back of my brows. I have sparse areas here and there due to over-plucking, so I’d love to see how the castor oil could fill in those gaps and perhaps thicken the texture of the hairs.

Will this work? Have any of you tested out this theory?  Let’s give it a month or two and see what happens.

I’ll keep you posted!

Much love,


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