Hi everyone!


It’s close to the end of the year, and it’s the best time to refresh my goals, my life, and the blog. Life gets in the way of writing your heart out sometimes, but so much has happened in the past several months that I’d love to share with you all in the upcoming season.

But before we get into that, I’d like to invite you all to my first ever YouTube giveaway! I’ve hit 500 subscribers on YouTube, and it’s a small accomplishment externally but marks a check off my bucket list…and it’s pretty exciting!

I’d love for any and all of my followers on here to enter — after all, this blog was made in correlation with my channel. Just check out this link on how to enter!

As for the blog, I have a lot of ideas running in my mind and my fingers are aching to put them on paper…or digital space, that is. 

Good luck to all and see you soon!

Much love,



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