How to Remove Beauty Blender Stains in Two Minutes [Video]

You’ve had your beloved Beauty Blender for about 5 months now, and you can’t imagine your foundation routine without it! But as much as you try to ignore the deep foundation stains that have marred your sponge, you can’t help but think about
1) how this dirty Beauty Blender is going to affect your skincare
2) how you don’t want to dish another $20 on a new one
3) how much prettier this Beauty Blender used to be when you first got it :(.

But hey! There’s great news! You can keep your Beauty Blender and make it fresh and clean again with a $1 product! (97 cents actually).

Check out this video to see what I use to keep my Beauty Blender clean (works on BRUSHES too)!

Much love,


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