OOTD | Marchin’ Down Mercer




Hope you’re all having a cozy Sunday evening and an event-filled Labor Day Weekend! Today’s post features a dress (well, it’s a shirt actually) that I’ve purchased at none other than the fancy shmancy “Tarzhay” — which you might know better as Target! (#TargetStyle!)

I guess I have a problem deciphering which articles of clothing are shirts and which are dresses. But my philosophy is, if it’s long enough to cover what needs to be covered, then it could be a dress!

The third picture features what could be done if I wore the squash treasure as a shirt. I always wear shorts under “shirt dresses” that I think may be too short, so by the time I started to get irked by the stares of people who thought I forgot to put pants on this morning, I lifted up my shirt and tucked it hastily into these printed, H&M high-waisted shorts.

The dress itself is artfully light and simple so I opted on not dressing it up, but instead enhancing the beauty of the simplicity by accessorizing lightly.

Shirt/Dress:  Target

Shorts: H&M

Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Bracelet: Aldo Men’s

Sandals: Bass

Bag: Unknown!

Thanks guys for joining me on another adventure! Have a wonderful rest of the night.

Catch me on Instagram (@msshananigans) and Twitter, (@ShanonMaglente) where I post almost daily!

Much love,


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