Frilly Two-Piece Action On the Rooftop

Hey guys!

So I’ve been loving this two-piece matching set from I‘ve just received a couple of weeks ago. It might be because of my height, but a ton of people mistake this set as a romper. Either way, you can’t tell me that this thing ISN’T adorable.


IMG_0840 IMG_0842

What makes this even better is that this whole set retailed for less that $15! It was on sale, and since I ordered one more outfit my total purchase came out to a little over $25, which is the set point for international free shipping.


It’s okay to have some doubts about this site. I’ll just tell you honestly that this set took 3 weeks to ship (when I was told that it would arrive in 5-7 business days) and this particular ensemble feels a bit papery thin (while the other is stronger and smoother). So in my experience it’s easier to rate the site per item versus the site overall.

Uncertainties aside, I love this two-piece and will have a hard time not trying to repeat wearing it too much.

This photo was taken on the rooftop of my school, which is just one of the campus’s amazing views. I started school on Monday, and I’m already drowning in homework (and procrastinating)!

Check out if you think this set is adorable (#NOTsponsored). Please also check me out on Instagram: @msshananigans and Twitter:  @ShanonMaglente.

Thanks for reading guys and hope you have a wonderful rest of the night! I’m curious! What did you wear for your first day of school outfit?

Let me know!

Much love,


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