Goodbye, Sweet Summer of 2015!

I had just come home tonight from a 4-hour drive from Boston, as my family was dropping off my oldest sister off to law school. Today also marked the last day of summer, and as per usual, I tidied my room on the last night before school as to contribute to that back-to-school fresh, new start feeling. As I was cleaning, there were small reminders of the summer cluttered all about in my room:

  • receipts from restaurants and theme parks stashed in my purses
  • one folded up ticket to an Ingrid Michaelson concert
  • a mason jar filled to the brim with sand from my last beach trip
  • a smooth pebble my little cousin gave me during our family beach trip
  • a crop top I wore in one of my singing covers with my sister
  • an empty wine bottle my boyfriend and I shared one night at a movie display
  • one Wonder Woman cape from Six Flags

…and so much more. I just can’t believe the summer has all come to an end. My mind began racing with recollections of great and not so great things I’ve done this summer, as well as all the things I had planned to do. The summer spoils us all with the opportunity to spend time with those who matter the most (even though the video captures only some of them since I’m shy to pull out the camera sometimes!). I’m grateful for all the memories that were created, and I’m inspired to have a summer just as great, if not better, the next year.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Thanks for reading!

Much love,


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