School ‘Sheek’ | Chic & Cozy


So it’s that time of the year again (but hopefully this year will be the last year I’ll be saying this, because graduation is months away!) and I’m excited but nervous to go back to school. I’m not gonna lie — fall is my second-to-least favorite season, and that’s because of school, not feeling school, and wanting to wear nothing but cozy sweats because I’m too lazy and I’m too cold…

But I still do find days where I like to take some time to put a little bit of effort into what I wear. This outfit in particular is typically what I like to wear when it’s colder, I have classes in the morning and I wake up not wanting to leave my bed. It’s that loose fitting, airy fit — kind of like the beautiful, well-known Eileen Fisher line.

Shirt:  H&M (new fall collection)!

Vegan Leather Leggings:  DailyLook

Bag:  DailyLook

Boyfriend’s Watch:  Michael Kors

Shoes:  Marshalls

I hope you guys have a fabulous rest of the day, and I’m sorry for being MIA. School’s starting back up again, and I will be uploading less. But! You can catch me on EliteDaily and CollegeFashionista, and stay tuned for frequent posts on here and my YouTube.

I’ve also made a Twitter! And as always, follow me on Instagram.

Much love,


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