UV Safety Month: 5 Reasons It’s More Fashionable and More Beautiful to be Protected from the Sun

Well would you look at that, July is the month that promotes UV Safety! In the United States, July tends to be the hottest and sunniest month after all, so it makes sense that we should take extra precautions to take care of our skin.

Here’s one thing you might not have known: protecting your skin and eyes from too much sun actually automatically makes you more trendy AND as gorgeous as ever. Here’s why.

  1. A good lather of sunscreen applied to the face and skin unravels a hidden and healthy glow. Sunscreen works just like lotion, and is often used in lieu of a face and body moisturizer during the hot summer months. Don’t let failure to apply the #1 moisturizer of the summer, sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF in general, get in the way of your true health from showing.
  2. A moisturizer rich with SPF prevents wrinkles. A study conducted two summers ago in Australia demonstrated that daily usage of sunscreen “show 24% less skin aging” in comparison to part-time use of sunscreen, and “discovered those regularly using sunscreen were less likely to have increased skin aging after 4.5 years.” So make sure to dab on that SPF especially during the summer, and your aging process could be slowed down a tad.
  3. Your eyes need protection too, and everyone instantly looks cooler in sunglasses, duh. You know that kid in your favorite childhood cartoon that wore sunglasses all the time, even indoors, for no apparent reason? Yeah, he was cool. And it was the shades that made him cool. Like your skin, your eyes are sensitive to strong rays of light. Don’t believe me? Stare into the sun on the sunniest day of this week for five minutes straight without blinking. Actually don’t (please don’t, it’s dangerous). Not without the shades at least.
  4. You’ll find yourself upping your style. During the summer, we need extra protection from the sun in extra areas. This includes the head and areas of the skin that may be sensitive on your own body. Snapbacks, fedoras, sun hats – you name it! All of them are stylish and finish off any outfit with that extra oomph. Those who suffer with extra sensitive skin in certain areas, on the shoulders for instance, will have to stray away from wearing the basic (and boring) summer tank. This does not limit you from being fashionable in the summer; instead, it forces you to work with what you got and gives you more room to be creative with your outfit selections.
  5. You won’t look like a pepperoni pizza slice. Big, red circles dotted all over your body doesn’t make you look cool, but it might make you look like a pizza. Everyone knows that too much unprotected heat from the sun for too long could result in sunburn and, even worse, skin cancer. But only some people decide to wear sunscreen – is it because they forget or are they too lazy? Well, avoid practicing the same techniques of these ones. Play it safe, and apply sunscreen with a good amount of SPF to stay and look healthy for the rest of the day.

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