Summer OOTD | Cobblestones and Midori Sours


Today consisted of chowing down burgers on the grass, skipping along cobblestones, and an ever-so-slightly failed attempt at going bar-hopping for the first time. I wanted to dress comfortably (no surprise there) but since I was about to hit the bars, I was careful not to come up with an outfit that enhanced my naturally baby-faced appearance.

I opted for this simple, black peplum top, which, I’ve fallen in love with all things peplum about two years ago when an associate (Hi Megan! Not like she’ll ever see this) I interned for rocked it in red (She was a living Barbie doll).

I paired it with these navy and white striped shorts to balance out the peplum shape. Rather simple, but it worked out well!




This was my very first time ‘bar-hopping,’ so I was unaware that you had to get one drink at each place (fool). At the second place, playfully called Surf City, I had had more than a couple drinks plus a couple of gulps of my boyfriend’s drinks!
IMG_0286 IMG_0206And this is my boyfriend — he wants so badly to grow out his hair to get a man bun…I’m loudly not a supporter of this specific desire of his, but what can I say? ><

That’s all for today folks, thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful rest of the day.

Much love,


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