Summer Fashion & Accessories Haul | Tobi, Dailylook, and Marshalls!

Hey guys! So these past couple of weeks I’ve managed to gather up a few items that will help prepare me for the hot and humid weather that’s already been starting to evade our lives. I’ve done a ton of online shopping lately (Tobi and Dailylook), and I picked up a few things from Marshalls as well (Thumbs up for loving good deals)!

You can view all that I’ve purchased in my latest video. Here, I’ll simply post about my personal shopping experiences on the two online sites, since online shopping can sometimes be scary.



  • Quick, reliable delivery WITH tracking code (usually takes 1 full week)
  • Great sales (50% off sitewide is a usual thing!)
  • 50% off your first ever purchase (just need to confirm your account with Facebook account)
  • Cute and unique clothing styles


  • If there aren’t any sales going on, could be quite on the pricey side
  • Quality isn’t the best (Not terrible either though!) Every item I’ve received has some thread hanging out and about somewhere on the article of clothing. This can easily be taken care of with the snip of some scissors, but the tears definitely make me question whether or not the fabric can hold it for another couple months or so.



  • Somewhat quick, reliable delivery WITH tracking code (took a little more than a week)
  • A great selection of unique styles
  • Great quality of clothing


  • $$
  • A lot of the popular items get sold out, may or may not be restocked in the future

I have ordered from Tobi twice so far and once from Dailylook. I do plan on continuing to purchase from either of these two sites, although if I had to choose one I would pick Tobi because of its more unique tastes and better sales!

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