ULTA Super Blender Sponge — Don’t Do It

Looking for a cheaper alternative to Sephora’s Beauty Blender? There are plenty of dupes out there — good and bad. If you’re considering purchasing the ULTA Super Blender Sponge, think again.

Flashing back to about a year ago: I’ve wanted nothing more than to try the new Sephora Beauty Blender, but the thought of dishing out $20 dollars on a pink sponge that may or may not work did not at all seem appetizing to me.

I’ve used cosmetic sponges to blend out my foundation before, and all they seemed to do was make my foundation application more difficult, usually because the water from the sponge made the foundation too thin or streaky.

So I thought, Hmmm…$20 on a makeup sponge, a makeup tool that I already DETEST using. BUT! Everyone’s raving about this on YouTube. Maybe I don’t have to spend $20, they’re all the same aren’t they? (Wrong).

So along with purchasing some makeup items from Ulta that needed refilling up on my shelf, I decided to also get the Ulta Brand Super Blender Sponge for $4.99. Harmless, right?

The first time trying the sponge, it wouldn’t grow bigger than the size it originally came in when I dampened it. If it did, it grew by maybe TWO millimeters. So I thought, Well, it’s the first time using it, maybe it’ll grow by the second or third use.

After a couple more uses, I started becoming frustrated that not only did the sponge not grow, but it also made applying my foundation more cumbersome and difficult. It started feeling like a chore!

The shape of the blender seemed unique but interesting at first, since it’s shaped in a way that gives you a good grip of the sponge (with the indented center) and has a rounded but pointy tip like the original Beauty Blender which would make for better blending in harder to reach places. The bottom is rounded, but h a r d.

Actually, the whole thing is quite hard (for a sponge) — the pores of the sponge are so tightly close together and barely bounces when you press on it that it shouldn’t be classified as a sponge.

And since the product is so hard, water is barely absorbed into it and rather stays on the outer surface of it, therefore diluting the foundation and making it thin and streaky.

The whole experience was similar to trying to rub foundation all over your face with a cosmetic pad. If used wet, the foundation is streaky and if used dry, the foundation is cakey.

I tried my best to make this product work because I really wanted it to, but it didn’t.

If you’re ever considering to try a cheaper alternative, try the highly reviewed Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for $6 (which I have not tried but heard great things about) or, think of the Beauty Blender as an investment and just dish out the $20. I have it now and it’s well worth it (I have a review of it in an older post and on my YouTube!).

Whatever you do, try to stay away from wasting $5 and five (not-so-great) foundation applications with this product labeled ‘sponge.’

I still love Ulta though, and Ulta brand things! I just was not a fan of this particular product.

Okay! Thanks for reading! Hope you have a happy Sunday and good rest of the week. I know with finals, papers, and presentations, this week’s going to kill me! ><

Much love,


4 Replies to “ULTA Super Blender Sponge — Don’t Do It”

  1. I have the real techniques miracle complexion sponge and love it! I actually stopped using foundaton brushes because its that amazing! and for the price you can’t get any better! loved your post and how honest you were about it! would love it if you took a look at my latest post 🙂 its a mini haul 🙂 xx

  2. Wow that really does sound like a disaster. It’s a little funny to me too, because I have a cheap no name sponge, and the Sephora, and my cheapie $3 sponge is just as good. I’m glad you got to enjoy using a proper sponge in the end, though.

    1. I’ve heard of a lot of great cheaper ones out there! I love dupes, and I’ve heard there’s actually one sold in Kmart and it’s a little hard, but blends just as well! This Ulta one, though, I couldn’t stand how I couldn’t get it to work >< Glad you also found a couple yourself!

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