Let’s Go On A Pizza Date

When you go out on a date, who usually picks out where to go?

In my case, it’s usually my boyfriend Kristian who picks! There’s not much reasoning behind it, but I guess he has a bigger interest in trying different places. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and trying new places too, absolutely! And although I’m rather on the small side, I LOVE to eat. But he’s always the one who somehow finds a new place of interest:  I feel that if he isn’t looking at fashion or car posts on Instagram, then he’s definitely looking at FOOD.

This time, he was super excited to try this new pizza place. Yeah I know, pizza of all things, right? But don’t judge until you try it for yourself!

Blaze Pizza:  The Chipotle of Pizzas.

Okay, so this isn’t just any pizza place! First of all, the ingredients are all fresh. Everything that’s being put on the pizza is displayed right in front of you. You watch the whole process! It’s kind of like Chipotle or Subway, where you’re presented with a selection of vegetables, meats, sauces, and cheeses and you tell the staff member which ingredients you want. But it’s all for pizza.

You get a whole pie for yourself, as you would in California Pizza Kitchen. It’s a decent size that would get you filled up pretty fast! (He ate his whole thing plus one slice of mine, I finished 3/4 of mine).

I should’ve have taken more pictures! But I ordered one of their Signature Pizzas – Green Stripe – appropriately named because it’s pesto drizzled over a sea of mozzarella cheese (along with pieces of arugula, chicken, garlic, and roasted red pepper).

The crust was thin and crispy, and the best part was definitely the pesto/arugula duo! The combination of the flavors and textures of everything together made for a yummy masterpiece!

Kristian, on the other hand, built his own pizza — which is another one of Blaze Pizza’s great features (probably the most fulfilling too). I think if you ever go here, you should take this option because you get the full-on experience. But the Green Stripe just sounded too appetizing…

His pizza was interesting. Let’s just say his looked like he threw a bit of everything on there! Imagine mushroom, jalapeno pepper, zucchini, cheeses, red onion and more piled up together on top of tomato sauce. But! It was still pretty good (mine was better)!

Overall, the staff was so friendly, it almost seemed as if friendliness was part of the requirements of being a staff member! Each person was welcomed in as they entered the restaurant, the cashier addressed you by your name, and the staff member cleaning up the floors smiled at us each time she passed by.

I didn’t try any of these, but they also serve salads and for dessert, ‘Smore Pie.’

Yummy food – Great Service – Friendly Staff – Reasonably Priced (7.95 a pie)

Hope you guys enjoyed this rather lifestyle food post! I promise the next post should be beauty/fashion related! Happy Sunday and have a good rest of the week.

Much love,


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