Is It Weird That I Enjoy Going On Adventures By Myself?

I am quite the definition of an introvert. Don’t get me wrong — I love sharing experiences with friends, lounging around with family, and (of course) spending time with my boyfriend, but I also find the value in “me-time” so rewarding. This might be the reason why I love long train rides and benches overlooking a river. Such things give me the opportunity to get in touch with my innermost thoughts and emotions.

The other day, I went on a one-man adventure to Hoboken. This wasn’t something new for me, as I would take trips to the city by myself all the time during the summer.

It was cold. I had expected Chilly-Spring weather, but it was more like Winter-Doesn’t-Wanna-Let-Go-Yet weather. My attempts of layering myself up with three sweaters and a thin spring jacket were to no avail. In order to escape the harsh winds that just loved to attack my face, I walked into all the boutiques I could find.

Being located in Hoboken, most of these boutiques made my eyes roll backwards with their price tags. However, I was lucky enough to find a little shop that offered $10 items, since they were due to close within the next week. (I believe it was called Bella Ro)!

A lot of the items have already been sold, and most of what was left was not in my size. But! I did manage to find a sweater in my size by LulumariĀ  — that can be best described in one word — interesting. It was a basic black long-sleeve that was cut up along the the shoulders. On the front of it were two tribal looking diamonds, one on top of the other. I thought, “Hey, it’s $10 and I’m cold. Why not?”


It’s cozy, somewhat warm, and I love how it reveals a little bit of skin, not only along the shoulders but also by the collarbone ;].

After walking into a handful more of boutiques, bookstores, and convenience stores, I bought a couple of sandwiches from Mamoun’s Falafel (which is AMAZING) for myself (as well as for my boyfriend since I was going to see him later) and headed down towards the Hudson to ponder upon everything and nothing. There, I met an inspiring little friend: the one-legged little bird.


He stuck with me to enjoy the music of the water clashing against the rocks and the heavy winds beating against the flags. And perhaps he decided to stick with me because I tossed him a piece of lettuce or pita bread in his direction every now and then. Here I was thinking about the positives and let-downs of life, and this little guy was watching me, hopping on one leg, waiting for me to throw him a piece of my sandwich. I think he was trying to tell me that yeah, life sucks, but it doesn’t suck that much as long as you know how to work your way around through it. I’m going through a weird and I guess you could say rough time in my life right now, so I was glad my little bird friend unintentionally threw that message at me ! ^_^

I hope you guys enjoy posts like these, because sometimes I need something more to write about than just beauty!

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Sunday and the rest of your week!

Much love,


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