Beauty Blender — First Impressions! (LOVE)

Hi there!

So I FINALLY was able to get my hands on the beauty blender (as a sweet Valentine’s gift from my boyfriend after I hinted for months that I’ve wanted it (; ).

Let me tell you my first impressions about it, in terms of packaging, performance, and results.

What it looks and feels like, First time:

  • Cute
  • Pink
  • Love the tiny plastic cylinder container with lid, good for storage
    • Note:  I didn’t drench it in water the first time, I added a tiny amount and expected it to Kaboom. Idiot. You’re supposed to drench it. Immerse it. And THEN Kaboom 😉
  • (after pouring enough water) “Yay, it grew!”
  • Soft, bouncy, & squishy

How it works:

  • After the sponge has been thoroughly dampened, I poured a tiny amount of foundation onto the rounded bottom of it. I then started dabbing the product all over my face, sometimes even rubbing it in circular motions.
  • I find that the best coverage comes when you simply dab. Yes, it takes the constant motion of your wrist hitting your face back and forth and it may become a little tiring, but suck it up ladies! That’s the hardest part that comes with this (and it’s not even that hard). It’s actually requires a lot less effort than a brush, and when you see your flawless face at the end you’ll see that the results were worth it!
  • Use the pointed side for reaching smaller areas, such as the under area under your eyes. The size and cushion is perfect for sneaking up into tiny areas.

The End Product:

  • Great finish. Of course, the sponge is going to absorb some of the foundation, but you can always apply more product! I think this is perfect for us ladies who might sometimes do the mistake of applying the CAKEY cake face.

Extra thoughts:

  • It’s pretty easy to clean. There’s a separate soap you can purchase that really gets the product out.
  • When I do wash it however, I see that my water is slightly tinged pink! I guess the dye of the sponge washes out a little when you wash out the product?
  • Sometimes it may feel like you’re wiping away product when you’re using this on your face, especially since this sponge has water in it! To avoid this feeling, just remember, Dab dab dab.

I love it. Definitely recommend it. I’m going to go back and forth between this and my brushes just because I don’t want to be cleaning, using, and re-cleaning this everyday.

If you guys have tried this out, let me know your thoughts on it. I’d LOVE to know! ^_^

Much love,


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