Sometimes I Wish I Didn’t Have Such Chubby Legs….

Do you ever have those days when you’re getting ready, and nothing is going right for you, which leads to your own frustration and your feelings of not being beautiful?

Or how about when you scroll through Tumblr, Facebook, or Instagram and see a beautiful, skinny girl with a gorgeous face and you wonder to yourself:  Why can’t I be that beautiful or skinny?

Let me just tell you now that these are absolutely dumb thoughts! But! They’re also very normal thoughts and feelings. Our environment in society and social media make it harder for young women and girls to feel comfortable in their own skin. 

We’ve heard this oversaid saying millions of times, but “No one is perfect!” Every girl has something that she’s not exactly happy with herself, but crying about it, changing oneself’s appearance drastically, or hurting oneself isn’t the way to do it! 

Whenever I find something about myself that I’m unhappy with, I try to reason myself why this flaw isn’t so bad at all. I was born with this “imperfection,” and no one was made to be perfect, so there has to be a good reason why I was born this way!

Counteract the bad, with the good.

Check my latest video out for more detail! 😀 And maybe share your own experience of wishing you did or didn’t have such and such…!


Much love,


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