Pin Up Makeup Look

Hey guys! So one of my FAVORITE looks of all time is the classic pin-up makeup look. Bright red lips paired with dramatic eyes has been a timeless look that starts way back with the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Achieving this look is quite simple! The key is knowing what to emphasize, and how to emphasize – while at the same time, keeping everything looking neat and clean!

Snapshot 1 (7-11-2014 12-02 AM)

FACE:  Make sure you prep the rest of your makeup application by smoothing out any imperfections! Snapshot 1 (7-11-2014 8-46 AM) Snapshot 2 (7-11-2014 8-47 AM) Also, make sure to contour along your temples and under the cheekbones. Defined face structure is a must! Snapshot 3 (7-11-2014 8-50 AM) EYEBROWS: The “fierce” factor of this makeup look definitely lies in the eyebrows! Shape and fill in those brows! I shaped my brows using concealer. Snapshot 4 (7-11-2014 8-52 AM) Snapshot 5 (7-11-2014 8-52 AM) EYES:  Here comes the drama! Extend that liner and load on the mascara! Eyeshadow isn’t a must, but if you wanna achieve that defined crease that the usual pin-up look features, try dark or warm colors and apply using windshield-wiper motions in the crease. Snapshot 6 (7-11-2014 8-56 AM) Snapshot 7 (7-11-2014 8-56 AM) LIPS:  Now for the fun! Apply a smooth red color on your lips. Remember to keep the edges nice and super clean. Snapshot 8 (7-11-2014 8-59 AM) Add your favorite blush and voila! C’est fini. You look like a classic pin-up girl! Snapshot 9 (7-11-2014 9-01 AM)


Thanks for reading guys!

Much love,


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