Stylish Frames for Your Inner Nerd – Warby Parker

Only nerds wear glasses? Psh, well I ❤ nerds. And nerds will someday rule the world!

But there is such thing as cute nerdy glasses! And no, I don’t mean the fake kind with the fake lenses in them that you can get at Claire’s. Warby Parker is today’s hottest company for glasses’ trends. It is a vintage style-based company, that is well known for its hipster-style looking frames.

They’re pretty much all the rage these days in the world of eye glasses. The frames they sell are sophisticated, classic, and still trendy all at the same time.

They have awesome try-on systems that make it more convenient for those who don’t live close by to an actual Warby Parker location (Warby Parker started off as a solely online-based retail). You can utilize their virtual try-on system, in which you upload a photo of yourself and from there, test our which frames look good on your face – virtually!

They also have their at home try-on system, where they give you the opportunity to pick out five frames you like online, get them in the mail for you to test out, and send back to them – all for FREE! I just tried out this at-home method, and I tell you that it is amazing!

These are the Nash 200 in Whiskey Tortoise. I REALLY like these ones, but I still need to decide!


Thanks for reading guys!


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