Summer Trends: The Jumpsuit



So one of the hottest trends of the summer [see what I did there, “hottest” and “summer?” Haha, sorry I apologize for the attempt of a joke] right now is the classic jumpsuit. Rompers were all the craze a couple years back to even today, but now its more mature counterpart, the longer jumpsuit, seems to be coming back into the world of fashion after it decided to disappear after around the 90’s.

There’s something about the long, almost manly jumpsuit that attracts the eyes of fashionable women and girls today. Could it be that it makes the legs look longer? Or that they come in the cutest floral or tribal prints? Or could it be that jumpsuits are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that girls can wear without having to worry about their underwear showing?

It’s definitely all of the above!

Jumpsuits are so in right now that you can literally find them in almost any fashionista retail store. The one that I am wearing in the picture above comes from Burlington Coat Factory, and get this – I got it for only $17! The tribal mixed in with the chevron prints caught my eye as I was browsing through the store. I also love how the colors are just black and white – which makes the piece more subtle and toned down from the loud print. Pair your jumpsuit with a pair of heels or wedges to give yourself and your legs a boost if you’re on the shorter side like me. And Voila! You have a super cute and super comfortable outfit.

Thanks for reading guys!



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