DIY Tinted Moisturizer for the Summer!

Hey guys!
So today I decided to play with the products I had at home to see if I could make a tinted moisturizer for the summer. If you already have the products on your makeup shelf at home to create a tinted moisturizer, then why not save a trip to the store and make it at home!
Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. I also have a video up on my Youtube channel, under the username wesochic, explaining the process through video.

What you’ll need:

  • a bowl of hot water (or you can stick your items in water and put it in the microwave)
  • foundation or concealer, any face product you want to use to add the color
  • foundation powder, you can use powder alone to use for the color of the tinted moisturizer, but this is also used for adding substance to the end product
  • a mixing bowl or plate
  • your favorite daily moisturizer
  • mixing utensils (I used plastic forks)
  • your face to test the color on!
  • an empty container to put the finished product in


  1. Place any liquid face products (foundation, concealer, etc.) (make sure these are closed tight!) into the bowl of hot water. Make sure that these products are contained in glass. Do not place plastic items into the hot water. Snapshot 5 (6-6-2014 9-42 PM)
  2. Once all products are at a warm enough temperature, mix all foundations/concealers into the bowl. Snapshot 6 (6-6-2014 9-43 PM)If you’re just using face powder, scrape the powder into the bowl. Snapshot 11 (6-6-2014 10-10 PM)
  3. Add your moisturizer into the mixture. Depending on your moisturizer, the mixture will thicken each time you add more. Add more to your liking. Snapshot 12 (6-6-2014 10-12 PM)
  4. Add more foundation powder to your liking, thick enough so that the tinted moisturizer does not end up feeling too runny. Mix.
  5. After all the products are mixed together, transfer the product into your empty container. Make sure to test the product out on your face before transferring!Snapshot 13 (6-6-2014 10-35 PM)

Et voila! There you have it. You now have a lightweight, light to medium coverage tinted moisturizer made in the comfort of your own home!


Snapshot 9 (6-6-2014 9-44 PM)


Snapshot 10 (6-6-2014 9-45 PM)


Thanks for reading guys!


For more, visit my Youtube channel:

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