My First Internship: Beauty PR: Running the Errands

Besides the ordinary office work that interns must complete during their internship, there are a few errands that spontaneously come and go here and there. You’re handed an office credit card and trusted to return back with all of the errands completed. The first initial thoughts that people have about the types of errands interns are assigned at fashion or beauty public relations firm are coffee runs, cleaning things, and running around the city – all of which are somewhat true, to a point.

Coffee Run – The closest thing that I’ve had to doing a coffee run was getting coffee cups. I remember one time that my team was working on a display project featuring a few of their beauty products with Starbucks cups. They asked me to go to a Starbucks and ask for two, empty Venti-sized cups. I had other errands to do that day, and there were four Starbucks locations around the area I was running around in. I had to go in each one and awkwardly (and suspiciously) ask for two empty Venti cups. I was instructed to even offer to pay for them. The first three Starbucks shut me down. They were like “Nuh-uh” or “What?!” or “That’s not allowed here.” Okay.

So I went to the fourth one, which was the busiest Starbucks I visited that day. When I had asked the cashier for my order he looked confused and somewhat guilty as he allowed me to take two Venti cups for 60 cents.

Fruit Hunting – My very first errand involved hunting for a specific type of grapefruit. It was to help decorate another display project. I had to gather a certain type of grapefruit – orangey-pink and not too yellow, not too big or not too small. Along with this, I had to find a specific kind of tiny red peppers, black peppers, nutmeg, and cloves. Another time I had to make two visits to a smoothie store to pick up a special juice for another display case. I felt like I was grocery shopping! Imagine carrying around the heavy groceries around with you as you run the other errands on your list.

Gathering Items for Events – I remember having to go to furniture and craft stores to gather items for events or for bigger clients. I once ran over to Bed Bath and Beyond to gather a sample garbage can for an event, and on several occasions ran over to craft stores for pretty, woven baskets for celebrity clients’ send-outs.

Delivery – On occasion, I’d have to deliver send-outs to clients that lived around the area. I walked up and down streets trying not to get lost.

Supplies – I occasionally made trips to a gift store to pick up gift bags for our send-outs. I also ran over to a printing location a couple of times to drop off prints and pick up stickers.

The toughest part about the errands was getting everything absolutely right, and …. the walking! If you didn’t get the specific thing they wanted, you had to go back and fetch for another, and keep doing this til you got it right. And then walking. Walking and walking around the city section for about two hours. Wooo, it got tiring!

The good thing about errands though? Errands were absolutely fun! Imagine having to sit inside an office all day – filing papers, doing computer work, or having nothing to do! Going on errands was actually pretty exciting! Especially to a suburban girl like me, walking around the city all by myself was a blast. I felt like I was on top of the world gathering flowers for an event and carefully asking the cashiers for my receipt.


Thanks for reading guys!


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