My First Beauty Public Relations Internship – Interview

Hey guys!
So today I’m continuing the series about my very first internship at a beauty public relations firm.

One day in the midst of July, I received a call from T (what I’ll be referring to as the name of my internship place) asking if I could come in for an interview. Having heard back from only internships that I was NOT interested in and finally getting the invitation to come into a beauty PR firm for an interview blew my mind. I excitedly accepted and prepared for my interview that would have been the following week.

T was located in a big city – like huge. I’m from a somewhat small suburban area, so a firm in a city this big was pretty exciting. I had to take a bus and a train to arrive at my destination, but I was thrilled to finally have arrived at the door of the firm after about an hour of traveling. Clad in a teal dress, and having matching teal nails and nude flats, I nervously (but still excitedly) took the elevator up to the floor I was to report to.

The elevator brought me right into the lobby of the office. I approached the glass-windowed front desk at gently knocked at it to get the secretary’s attention. She was young and beautiful, but she couldn’t hear me the first time I spoke to her (well that’s my fault because I naturally have a small voice around people outside my house!)

“I’m here for an interview with (name bleeped),” I said softly into the  intercom.

“Okay, just wait and have a seat, she’ll be with you in a few minutes,” replied the girl in a peppy, happy tone.

I nervously seated myself on one of the two seats available. It was quite a small lobby – and women and girls were coming in and out of it. I noticed that the entrance door to the actual office also had a lock. The secretary had to buzz each person inside – very secure! (But also a little intimidating at first I might add!)

So I sit down for a little longer than a few minutes. I peek into the window of the door and see girls around my age, very coolly dressed. They seemed to get along really well, so it made me feel at ease that this place wasn’t some strictly business type thing.

After about 10 minutes, I meet S and we shake hands. She lets me in through the door and I walk into an office full of tiny little cubicles. It felt so legit being able to walk around xD. Anyways, she led me through this maze of cubicles and I caught a glimpse of everyone there. Most of these girls were about in their mid to early twenties, there were a few older women in their 40s at most, and then there was a few others who looked about my age – who I assumed to be interns. It was once again, intimidating to walk through – because pretty much everyone there was really beautiful!

It was a somewhat noisy firm – as there were people constantly talking on the phones or next door to each other. People were walking from cubicle to cubicle, and inside to outside. Some of the women looked stressed, some were all smiles.

S brings me into her office. She has her own office outside the cubicles because she’s one of the directors. Intimidation yet again! I could tell that she was a very busy woman – one of the busiest in the whole firm. She had a loud voice and a powerful walk, and her eyes that looked right at me nerved me up even a little more. I remember one of the first questions she asked me that startled me was: “Looking at your resume, we would most particularly want to put you in the Broadcast Department (my resume had Broadcasting as part of my major at that time). What experience do you have in Communications, Broadcasting, or Public Relations?”

And I was like @_@ “I don’t have any…”

She replies, “No, that’s okay!” with a smile. (Phew!)

There were other questions like:

  • “What are your skills?”
  • “Would you say you are an organized person?”
  • “Have you ever worked before, are you working now?”
  • “Are you in school?”
  • “Were you looking to receive college credit?
  • “Are you from the city?”
  • “Do you have any idea what T does as a firm?”
  • and the best ever: “We have a good number of applicants that want to be working in the company. Tell me why should I pick YOU to be part of our team here at T?” (ahhhhh!!)

She then asked if I had any questions for her. Each question I had for her was answered knowledgeably with great detail. After, we talked about school and availability. It was a pretty short interview I might say. The interview itself probably lasted about 10 minutes at most.

It really wasn’t too bad! S shook my hand and walked me out. As I leave the building, I bid goodbye to the elevator man. I was feeling regret about some of the answers I gave to the questions because I knew I could have thought of better answers! But overall, I felt pretty good about the interview and felt quite confident.

Two months later, I started my very first day…

[To be continued]

Thanks for reading guys! The next part is to come soon! Hope you enjoyed this part!


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