My First PR Internship (Beauty and Fashion) – Part 1, Overall

Hey guys!

Sorry long time, no post! I was up north making a visit to my sister! So today’s topic is going to be about my very first internship. I’m going to break this experience up into a series, with subcategories talking about the overall, the first day, the errands, the middle, and the end. Today I’m just sharing with you the overall story of my experience.

If you’re looking to enter the world of beauty in your future career, it might be a good idea to start applying to internships, as soon as you’re in college. Internships are a good way to:

  1. get experience and exposure to the outside world
  2. make connections – which is really important for any career that revolves around networking (PR, business, journalism, etc)
  3. give you something new to put on your resume
  4. get paid (some internships give you a stipend, and some pay you by the hour! and, some don’t pay at all)
  5. get college credit (if applicable)

My very first experience interning was in the fall of this school year of 2013. Being an English major and being worried that I wouldn’t find a job in the future put me in a spot where I decided I had to work now. I was a freshman in college, I had just switched my major to something I truly loved only a couple months before then, and in late May I decided to apply to as many internships as I could. I heard back from a few, but the beauty PR firm in the city was the place I had my eye on the most. One day in early July, I was called in for an interview.

I came into the place not knowing what to do, but luckily, this place was great for beginners, as a good percentage of the employees there were fresh out of college students. The rest of the workers – who were a little older – were the directors. Every woman there was beautiful and most of them were young! Even the directors had to be in their mid-40s the latest.

Most of my work consisted of filing, creating clippings, tracking contact info for beauty bloggers. Really easy stuff. They also made me organize the beauty closet at times, but the employees themselves had to do that as well from time to time. I also sometimes was lucky enough to go on errands and run around the city.

It really wasn’t too bad of an experience. Most people would instantly think of The Devil Wears Prada escapade or Lauren’s experience with Vogue. It could be because my firm wasn’t huge, (but it still claimed to be big!) The directors and employees for the most part are actually really nice, really friendly. Just be friendly and polite to them! Work hard and always offer to do something, and if there’s nothing to do, ask other people if they need help with anything!

I made a couple of friends (other interns) while I was there. I’d say the only downfall was that since I’m naturally so shy, I had a hard time being able to make conversation at work about anything other than work! But for the rest of it, it was an experience I do not regret and am really grateful for experiencing.

In my one of my next posts I’ll talk about the first day of the internship – so please stay tuned! If you have any questions or comments, I’ll be sure to answer them!

Take care guys, and Thanks for reading!


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