How to Keep Body Spray and Perfume Scents to Last All Day!

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Hey guys!
So I’m back with another quick little tip on how to ensure that your body spray scent keeps you smelling amazing the whole day. The secret is when you spray and where. The best time to spritz yourself with your favorite perfume or body spray would be as soon as you step out of the shower. Slap on a sweet smelling moisturizer, but then be sure to spritz the scent on right after, as the scent lasts longer when your skin is a little damp.

The best places to spritz your body is where you have your pressure points! Right below each ear high up at the sides of the neck, the neck itself, the inside of the wrists, in front of the elbows and behind the knees. These are the warmest places of your body, and spraying distinctly in these places will keep you smelling amazing for eternity! ‘:)

(PS – this will also ensure that when your friends give you a hug or your boyfriend gives you a kiss, they’ll get a good whiff of your sweet smelling scent!)

Thanks for reading guys!


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