Hi guys! So my name is Shanon and I’m trying to start a blog – well really, a place where I can express my thoughts, reach out to others, and maybe even live out my dream of editing a magazine?

I really enjoy writing, and I always have a lot to say (though what I say usually isn’t said aloud). I’m a major introvert. In my mind I think I’m a genius, but when I open my mouth to try and have a philosophical conversation with someone or even to speak up in class, I end up sounding like I have trouble speaking English!

More about me later! On to the blog. This blog is going to be my freedom and escape – not to vent or anything, of course! This website is going to be my journal, my little “magazine,” my outbox to the world. On here I’ll be blogging about things I personally like that maybe some of you might share interest in:  music, beauty, fashion, a little food, life, and love. Things you would find in a magazine, you know?

Oh, and about the title? “Shortsweetsummer” is what I have come up for now. It comes from the thought of how this blog starts around the summer time, as well as the fact that this site is (hopefully) going take up a good percentage of my summer. Thank you WordPress for giving me the opportunity to try out such an experience. Hope you guys like this blog!

Thanks for reading!






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