Kina Grannis Touring for her New Album “Elements”



So for my first official post I would like to spread the word about Kina Grannis’s new album “Elements.” You might know Kina Grannis from her sweet, catchy single “Valentine” which, by the way, currently has over 17 million hits on YouTube. For those of you who don’t know who she is, Kina is a singer who started her way up from singing in coffee shops to ending up being a YouTube sensation. She is mostly known for her amazing covers and her fun, lovey-dovey “Stairwells” album.

However, in her new album “Elements,” Kina Grannis delves deep beyond the fun, happy love songs and reveals more of, well, Kina. In “Elements” you’ll discover more about her beginnings, her family, her journey to reaching her goals, and even her thoughts about dead flowers in a vase!

I was fortunate enough to go see her in concert in Le Poisson Rouge in New York last night. Her husband Jesse (also known as Imaginary Future) opened the concert and also joined Kina in her performances. I loved hearing every bit of this album live. The album itself was amazing, Kina was beautiful, her voice was as clear and amazing as it is on YouTube, and her outfit was cute! (I took notes on the outfit especially).

I would have to say that my favorite song from this album – or at least the song that hit me the hardest and even brought up a little tears (which does not usually happen with my Coldstone heart) was “Forever Blue.” It’s about family, revelation, and her wishes to keeping things forever. I guess I liked this one the most because I once went through the same revelation, and I have always had the same wishes. Want to know more? Listen to it yourself! In fact listen to the entire album.You won’t regret it. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



Photo credit – my friend Abbie!

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